The Top 11 Best Episodes of the 11th Doctor

The 11th Doctor is gone! I’m pretty sad. But at a point, you stop mourning over your lost Doctor, and you start to get excited to see the new one. That’s exactly what’s happening to me now. I seem to be surrounded by people who aren’t excited. That’s sad. In a going away ceremony, I’m counting down the 11th best episodes (in my opinion) of the 11th Doctor.

Skaldak the Ice Warrior Unmasked
Skaldak the Ice Warrior, unmasked.

11. Cold War

The Doctor and Clara find themselves on a Russian submarine, during the Cold War Age. The Russians have discovered an ancient and deadly force, a Martian Ice Warrior, perfectly preserved. As the submarine sinks, the pressure rises, and the air runs out, it seems that the Martian is on a suicide mission. Cold War was a very suspenseful episode, and it reintroduced the Ice Warriors, a villain from Classic Doctor Who. (Season 7, part 2 – Episode 3)

10. The Lodger

The Doctor rents a room with Craig, an English citizen. People are disappearing in the room upstairs, and the TARDIS, with Amy Pond, can’t land before the Doctor figures out what’s going on and stops it. This is the first episode with Craig, a recurring friend of the Doctor. (Season 5 – Episode 11)

Retreating into the Cave
The Doctor, Rory, and Rory’s father, Brian, run from the pterodactyls.

9. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

A mysterious spaceship violates Earth’s airspace, carrying a cargo of dinosaurs. The Doctor, Amy, Rory, Rory’s father, Queen Nefertiti, and big game hunter John Riddell must stop Solomon, the captain of the ship, from landing the dinosaurs on Earth, and in the process, stop Earth from firing missiles at the ship. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was a cool episode, and it was pretty funny. There were also a lot of actors who I knew in the episode. (Season 7, Part 1 – Episode 2)

8. A Good Man Goes to War

The Doctor and his friends search all of space and time for Amy, who has been kidnapped by the Silence. After learning of the Silence’s base at Demon’s Run, the Doctor gathers an army to launch a deadly and ruthless attack on the Silence. A Good Man Goes to War was exciting and action packed. It had some good secrets at the end too. (Season 6 – Episode 7)

Next Time, a Camel!
The Doctor drives an anti-grav motorcycle out of the TARDIS

7. The Bells of Saint John

In one of the first episodes of season 7 part 2, the Doctor once again meets the mysterious Clara Oswald, and must save the world from a deadly villain lurking in the Wi-Fi. An awesome episode, and one of my personal favorites. (Season 7, Part 2 – Episode 1)

6. Closing Time

The Doctor visits Craig again, who has a baby now, named Alphie, but he prefers to be addressed as Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All. The Doctor must protect Craig, Alphie, and himself from the Cybermen, and their new plan to upgrade the human race. This was a great send-off to the original New-Who Cybermen, before Nightmare in Silver. (Season 6 – Episode 12)

Chess Playing Cyberman
5 The Cyberman plays chess!

5. Nightmare in Silver

The Doctor takes Clara and two of the children that she was taking care of to an intergalactic amusement park. The park itself has long since been running to the ground, but some of the previous visitors are still residing on the grounds. The Cybermen are returning. Just when the Cybermen were starting to get generic, they were rebooted. Thank you Doctor Who!  (Season 7, Part 2 – Episode 12)

4. The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

A new threat has arrived, bringing together the Doctor’s greatest allies, all during 1969, on a strange planet called America. But as silence begins to fall, a question must be asked: how can you fight an enemy that you can’t remember? Being the season 6 opener, these episodes are top-notch, and they finally show the Silence, who become a main villain for the 11th Doctor. (Season 6 – Episodes 1 and 2)

3. The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

The Pandorica, a supposed fairy tale, is opening, said to contain the most feared being in all of the universe. Every single one of the Doctor’s enemies have arrived to sway the event in their favor, but the Doctor has other plans. Every once in a while, Doctor Who throws really cool, mind bending episodes your way. These were two of them, and they totally delivered. (Season 5 – Episodes 12 and 13)

Taking Aim
The Doctor takes aim, planning to outsmart the Weeping Angels

2. The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

The Doctor is thrown into a death trap, unknowingly, by the mysterious River Song. A single Weeping Angel is trapped inside the wreckage of a star liner. River’s mission: stop it from escaping through the maze of the dead. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the Angel wanted to crash the ship, and that the Doctor, Amy, and River are playing right into it’s cold, stone, hands. This was an awesome episode, with some really cool plot twists that made the episode that much more enjoyable. (Season 5 – Episodes 4 and 5)

Inspecting the Crack
The newly regenerated Doctor prepares to inspect the crack in Amy’s wall.

1. The Eleventh Hour

The newly regenerated 11th Doctor must stop the Atraxi from destroying the planet to get at the dangerous Prisoner Zero. But, with no TARDIS, no Sonic Screwdriver, and only twenty minutes, can the Doctor save the planet in time? I really enjoyed The Eleventh Hour. It was the first episode with the 11th Doctor, and without this episode, I might not have liked 11 just as much. (Season 5 – Episode 1)


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