Top 10 Best Episodes of Star Trek: TNG Season 1

After reviewing the top 10 best episodes of Star Trek: TOS, I thought that I would count down my top 10 favorite episodes of Star Trek: TNG. I’m going to try to do these top 10s after finishing a season of a show or full TV show. There are 25 episodes in Season 1 of TNG, so 15 episodes will be left out. (Number 2, Skin of Evil, could have potential spoilers in my review.)

The Arsenal (S1 Arsenal of Freedom)
The away team fires on the hostile robot

10. The Arsenal Of Freedom

The crew of the USS Enterprise travels to Minos III to investigate the disappearance of the USS Drake. On the planet, they find robots who constantly evolve to defeat the away team, being sent at intervals of twelve minutes. This was, surprisingly, an action packed episode, and had some cool development with the relationship between Picard and Dr. Crusher. (Ep. 20 of 25)

9. The Naked Now

The crew of the Enterprise-D contracts a virus that makes all of the affected act as if they were intoxicated. The senior bridge crew and Dr. Crusher have to work fast to find a cure. This was a funny episode, and it tied into The Naked Time, an episode from TOS. (Ep. 2 of 25)

8. Heart of Glory

Worf’s loyalty to Starfleet is tested when two Klingon fugitives make their way on board the Enterprise. The two Klingons quickly attempt to seize power over the Enterprise, with Worf as the only variable in their plan. Heart of Glory had a cool premise and an awesome execution. The idea of Klingons taking the ship was awesome, and you got to see more of Worf, and Klingon heritage. (Ep. 19 of 25)

7. Conspiracy

Picard is pulled to a secret meeting on Starfleet captains, one of them being Picard’s personal friend, the captain of the USS Horatio, that an alien entity has invaded Starfleet. After leaving the meeting, Picard finds the Horatio destroyed. Later, Picard, along with Riker, find that his friend’s theory holds water. This episode was action packed, but also kind of gory. I thought it was a two-parter earlier, and that would have been cool, but is was one single episode, and that made the ending feel kind of rushed. (Ep. 24 of 25)

Shootout (S1 Too Short Season)
Marc Jameson takes aim at the enemy in the awesome shootout scene from Too Short a Season

6. Home Soil

The Enterprise visits Velara III, where terraformers work tirelessly to transform the uninhabitable surface into a living, breathing world, capable of supporting life. But something is wrong. Workers are being killed around the station. The Enterprise must find out who’s responsible before the whole operation goes under. This had some cool moments with Data, and had a pretty exciting concept. (Ep. 17 of 25)

5. Too Short A Season

The Enterprise transports Marc Jameson, a crippled Starfleet negotiator, to a hostage crisis. Jameson has a secret though, his condition seems to be improving, and he seems to be getting younger. As the crisis worsens, and secrets are revealed, it seems that Jameson will need all of the strength he can muster. This was a genuinely emotional and engaging story. Marc Jameson was pretty awesome, and they even fit a shootout in the episode! The ending was awesome, and packed an emotional punch. (Ep. 15 of 25)

Meeting Yourself (S1 We'll Always Have Paris)
Picard, Riker, and Data meet themselves in We’ll Always Have Paris

4. We’ll Always Have Paris

When a prestigious scientist experiments with time, repercussions are felt throughout the galaxy. The Enterprise is going crazy, and the crew must find a way to stop the madness. This was an awesome mind-bending episode, and had a cool ending with Data. (Ep. 23 of 25)

3. Where No One Has Gone Before

A suspicious scientist boards the Enterprise, assigned by Starfleet to upgrade the ship, and to propel it faster and farther than ever before. But when the process malfunctions, the crew finds themselves far, far, away from home. As they look for a way back, the question is raised: Can the scientist do it again? This was a pretty good episode, and it practically shared a name with Where No Man Has Gone Before, from TOS. (Ep. 5 of 25)

Armus (S1 Skin of Evil)
Armus, the villain from Skin of Evil

2. Skin of Evil

Deanna Troi is returning to the Enterprise, when her shuttle crashes on the planet below. The away team sent to find her is stopped dead in their tracks by Armus, a shadowy entity of pure evil. This time, one of the crew isn’t going home. This episode had such good suspense, and probably one of the best TV villains I’ve seen in a long time. The end, when they hold a funeral, was sooooooo sad. I almost cried. I’m not kidding. This was such a good episode. (Ep. 23 of 25)

1. The Big Goodbye

A new upgrade to the Holodeck prompts Captain Picard to enter a novel of one of his favorite childhood heroes, Dixon Hill. He takes a few friends and roleplays, but the Holodeck malfunctions, trapping them inside. Soon, it seems that the Holodeck has become too real. The Big Goodbye was a great episode with the Holodeck, and when you watch it, it’s impossible to wish you didn’t have one. Plus, snazzy outfits! (Ep. 11 of 25)


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