“Paranormal Activity” (Ghostbusters)

Ghostbusters (Poster)
The original 1984 poster for Ghostbusters. Believe it or not, it took me some time to find this poster.

Let me just say before starting off that I really love this movie, and I’m watching it right now. Ghostbusters never fails to make me laugh, and it was one of the most successful comedies of the 80’s. Great movie, and I have to review it, because I’m kind of desperate for traffic on my website. Help!

After Paranormal Investigators Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, and Ray Stanz witness a ghost in the New York public library, they complete the necessary research to capture and hold ghosts indefinitely. Kicked out of the university, they go into business for themselves. Soon after, business is great. Too great. Can the Ghostbusters save the world from the ancient God Gozer?

First Call
(From left) Ray, Peter, and Egon, in the Sedgewick Hotel.

As I said before, Ghostbusters is a hilarious movie, and one of my favorites. Trust me, you’ll like it if you try it, and if you don’t try it, you’ll never know if you like it. (See what I did there?) No, ’cause I really didn’t do anything special. In the way of special effects, Ghostbusters does not hold up well. At all. This movie has some pretty bad special effects. Still really funny though. The effects are just something else to laugh about. 7 out of 10.

Release Date: June 8th, 1984

Director: Ivan Reitman, with Bill Murray, Dan Ankroyd, and Harold Ramis

Run Time: 105 minutes (1 hour and 45 minutes)

Ghostbusters took in 238 million (ended September 1985), with a budget of 32 million


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