“A Franchise is Catching Fire…” (The Hunger Games #2)

Catching Fire (Poster)
Nice poster, guys. Very creative. (Catching Fire poster from 2013)

Hi! I’m back again! Sooo… Uh, while I was writing the review for the Day of the Doctor, I got the chance to see Catching Fire in theaters. I got back from the theater recently, and finished The Day of the Doctor review. Now I’m writing the review of Catching Fire. Just so you know. I hope you aren’t coming out of this more confused than you already were.

After Katniss’s and Peeta’s victory in the 74th annual Hunger Games, Katniss is trying to deal with the memories of the 74th Games. Unfortunately, The Capital has plans for an new Quarter Quell. This time, only the past victors will be drawn, and Katniss is the only female victor from District 12. She’s going back to the Hunger Games. But this time, she’ll be going up against trained killers, who have already befriended the other victors, and somewhere close by, rebellion is brewing.

Quarter Quell (CF)
For the first couple minutes, I thought the guy in the middle was Bruce Willis. How cool would that be? (Click on it, then you’ll see. You’ll see.)

The second movie or book or anything in a trilogy is always kind of awkward. You can tell it’s a good movie when It’s the second in a trilogy, and it could be maybe, slightly, possibly better than the original. Catching Fire probably, but arguably fits that definition. I really liked it, though some of it was sad. I had read the book a bit ago, but I only remembered basic, over arching plot points, so the movie did get pretty suspenseful at times. I really enjoyed it, and it was very well made. 8 out of 10.


Release Date: November 22, 2013

Director: Francis Lawrence, with Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson

Run Time: 146 minutes (2 hours and 22 minutes)

Catching Fire has taken in 161 million, with a budget of 140 million


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