Classic Doctor Who: The Pyramids of Mars

Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)

I (not very recently) watched The Pyramids of Mars, part of Classic Doctor Who, with the Fourth Doctor. It was pretty good, and my first serial with the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, who everyone says is really good. He’s pretty good. What I really liked about this serial was the sense of being closed in. When Sutekh’s robot mummies attack, the entire grounds are enclosed in a transparent dome. No one can get out. It really gave the main characters a sense of hopelessness, as they were trapped inside the grounds with an army of robot mummies hunting them.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith are on their way to U.N.I.T. when their flight path is disturbed. The Fourth Doctor traces the source to a small estate in a deep forest. This is where the ancient alien Sutekh has chosen to return. Sutekh sends his robotic mummies after the survivors. The Doctor, Sarah Jane, Lawrence, and poacher Ernie Clements are trapped on the grounds, and must stop Sutekh before he returns and destroys the Earth.

Some Accident (TPoM)
“Must have been some accident!”
– Sarah Jane Smith

I liked this serial very much. I thought it was very exiting and suspenseful, and I really enjoyed it. I did like the character of Ernie Clements. He was the poacher who was kind of just walking aimlessly around the grounds, avoiding mummies, with a shotgun. He was pretty cool. I liked the aspect of the puzzle solving when the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane got to the pyramid. 7 out of 10

“The Pyramids of Mars”

Doctor: Fourth (Tom Baker)

Episodes: Four

Original Airdate: October – November 1975

Rating: 7 out of 10


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