“Going Out on a High Note” (Star Trek IV)

The Undicovered Country (Poster)
The original poster for The Undiscovered Country, from 1991

The final movie in my Kirk era Star Trek marathon (Starting with The Wrath of Khan, I’m getting to The Motion Picture soon enough) is Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Country is the sixth and final Star Trek film before Generations. It also happens to be the last to have Kirk as a sole supporting character, in the Prime Reality, at least.

Behind the Neutral Zone, a Kingon mining moon has undergone a ridiculously gigantic accident. The moon was completely destroyed, and the shockwave poisoned Kronos’s atmosphere. The Kligons have an estimated fifty Earth years to live. Kirk, in the new Enterprise, NCC 1701-A, receives a Klingon ambassador, but who is quickly murdered, with shots seemingly fired from the Enterprise. Kirk and Bones are convicted, and sentenced to life imprisonment on a Klingon prison world. But as Kirk and Bones serve their time, the Klingon Ambassador’s real killers are getting ready for their next target. With a new super weapon, they will be nearly unstoppable, and it’s up to the combined firepower of the Enterprise and the Excelsior to stop them from destroying Starfleet.

NCC 1701-A Bridge (tUC)
The bridge of the USS Enterprise, with the crew on board

This was a great Star Trek movie. It was a really nice send off to TNG (The Next Generation) too. Kirk flies the Enterprise one last time, action, suspense, and prison breaks ensue, Klingons get a super weapon, and Sulu gets his own ship. The one that he had been admiring in the end of Frontier. It all seems to fit together. 8 out of 10.


Release Date: December 6th, 1991

Based upon Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry

Director: Nicholas Meyer, with William Shatner, DeForest Kelley, and George Takei

Runtime: 113 minutes (1 hour and 53 minutes)

The Undiscovered Country took in around 75 million dollars, with a budget of 30 million.


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