“A Low Moment in the Franchise” (Star Trek V)

Star Trek V The Final Frontier Poster
The original poster for Star Trek V, from 1989.

After watching Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, I watched Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Frontier wasn’t necessarily bad, like a lot of people say, in fact, I kind of liked it until Sybok, Kirk, Bones, and Spock beamed down to “God”‘s Planet. The whole movie kind of went downhill from there, and considering that that was in the last, say, twenty five minutes, there wasn’t really much to screw up. Nice job, Star Trek V!

On a perfectly peaceful desert planet, an insurgency is growing, led by Spock’s half brother, Sybok. Sybok has taken a Terran ambassador, an Romulan ambassador, and a Klingon ambassador hostage, and tries to take control of the new Enterprise, NCC-1701-A. Sybok plans to use the ship to travel past the great barrier, and to the land beyond, on an obsessive search for God.

The Great Barrier (TFF)
The new Enterprise approaches the Great Barrier, which Sybok intends to cross.

Alright, come on, guys! It wasn’t that bad! Right? Yeah, it was pretty bad. As I said before, most of it was actually pretty good, until they reached “God”‘s planet. The campfire songs were nice and funny, and the night raid on Paradise City was kind of cool, right? Ahhhhhh… Who am I kidding? It was pretty bad. 6 out of 10.

Release Date: June 9th, 1989

Based upon Star Trek, by Gene Roddenberry

Director: William Shatner, with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley

Runtime: 109 Minutes (one hour and forty nine minutes)

The Final Frontier took in around 55,000 million, with a budget of 28,000 million


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