Classic Doctor Who: Earthshock

The Fifth Doctor (Portrait)
The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)


The next Serial in Classic Who that I finished is Earthshock, a four part Serial with the Fifth Doctor. one of the really interesting things about Earthshock is that this Serial features the return of the Cybermen, who, at the time, had been absent from the show for seven years. Seven years. SEVEN. That’s 2,942 days! I’m sorry. I’m a little bit of a fan of the Cybermen. Well, not really a fan, exactly, the Cybermen really creep me out. But the episodes that they’re featured in are always really good, and this one is no exception.

As the TARDIS touches down in Earth’s future, an archaeological dig is taking place underground, but is plagued by two faceless and deadly androids. The Doctor and his Companions go down to investigate and team up with the archaeological team, after the androids kill a few members of the dig. There they find a bomb, hidden in the wall, and after it’s defusal, The Doctor traces it’s source to a space freighter, but  it seems that there’s some stowaways on the freighter. Silver stowaways.

Earthshock Cybermen
The Fifth Doctor and his two Companions stand back, while a Cyberman looks on.

Alright. Now in my last post, I said that The Green Death had surpassed The Carnival of Monsters to become my favorite Classic Who Serial. Now it seems that Earthshock has surpassed The Green Death to become my favorite Serial. Again, there were some laughs, mostly from the Doctor himself this time. I think that I’m starting to like the Fifth Doctor. The special effects were still not that good, and these Cybermen will never get above the bar set by New Who’s Nightmare in Silver, (From Season 7, Part 2) but Earthshock was very good. 8 out of 10.


Doctor: Fifth (Peter Davison)

Episodes: Four

Original Airdate: March, 1982

Personal Rating: 8 out of 10


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