Classic Doctor Who: The Green Death

The Third Doctor (Portrait)
The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)


Being a fan of the New Series of Doctor Who, I’ve been going back through the timeline and watching some of the episodes in the Classic Series. I recently finished The Green Death a six part adventure during the Third Doctor’s run.

Protesters are demonstrating outside of Global Chemicals, and Jo, the Doctor’s companion at the time decides to go and help instead of going to Metebelis Three with the Doctor. The Doctor returns, after being attacked by unseen creatures, and all that he comes back with is a strange blue crystal. The Doctor then drives to Global Chemicals to investigate the death of a Miner with a strange green glow with help from the Brigadier. When Jo gets trapped in the mine, the Doctor goes down after her, and discovers something very dangerous beneath the mine. As the threat rises (quite literally), and UNIT is called in, it seems that there is someone, or something, far more sinister in control of Global Chemicals.

Brigadier's Gun
The Brigadier (left) takes aim with his pistol

After finishing The Green Death, the episodes have surpassed The Carnival of Monsters to become my favorite Classic Who episode. It did seem a bit long, but the content was very good, and that particular content couldn’t have fit in four or five episodes. I thought that there were some laughs, most of the time from the special effects, and there were some good action scenes that I didn’t expect from Classic Who. All in all, I would give The Green Death an 8 out of 10.

“The Green Death”

Doctor: Third (Jon Pertwee)

Episodes: Six

Original Airdate: May – June, 1973

Personal Rating: 8 out of 10


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