A Change of Scenery

Alright! It was a hard decision, but I finally made up my mind. I chose a new theme for The Fortress. Did you notice? :)

This one’s called “Ideation and Intent” (spellcheck is telling me that Ideation isn’t a word, and yes, I’m sure I spelled it right.) The last one was Parament. Remember that for me. “Ideation and Intent” is intended to be a photoblogging theme, so there’s a sidebar featuring most pictures from around The Fortress. The pictures that are featured are actually links that lead to each photo’s post, and plus, the photos contract and turn a lighter shade of color when you roll over them with your mouse. Try it out, it’s pretty fun. But that’s not the only reason that I chose it, no, there’s more. The most recent post is prominently featured at the very top of the focus post bar, and displayed below it, in dated order, are the older posts in link form. In the third sidebar, you can see all of my widgets. The search bar, category, recent posts, etc. The drums beat shockingly loudly as my faithful TARDIS background still fly’s high. However, I did have to make some sacrifices, Meaning the Page names, the Tagline, (if you want to see it better you can highlight it with your mouse on a computer, but if your on a mobile device, I’ve got nothing for you.) and the Captions under my pictures in the posts.

But anyway, I think its an improvement over Parament and The Fortress of Helixity Mark I, and I am fully ready to embrace The Fortress of Helixity Mark II. Comment! Which theme do you like better? “Parament” or “Ideation and Intent”?

Here’s a quick comparison, looking at the WordPress demos.


The Fortress of Helixity Mark I

Ideation And Intent:

Ideation and Intent
The Fortress of Helixity Mark II

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