“The Distance” (Chicago)

Chicago Skyline
The Chicago skyline at midday.

Recently, I went on a small vacation to Chicago with some of my Aunts and Cousins. My Aunt doesn’t like flying on planes, so we had no choice but to drive. Let me tell you right now, if your planning on going to Chicago, don’t drive unless you absolutely wont fly. it was a two day drive in the Beluga, the giant white van that we rode in, and then another two day drive back. We had about two and a half days actually in Chicago. Of course, even though the trip was a bit short, I would totally recommend it.

Snowy Cloud Gate
Cloud Gate, nicknamed “The Bean”, is seen in Winter.

This isn’t the first time iv’e been to Chicago, so I am a bit biased, but still, the trip was amazing. I went on boat tours of the architecture off of the Chicago River, went on a Segway tour, walked around the city and Millennium Park, and checked out a couple museums. Millennium Park was the best part of the first trip, but in the second, we were farther away from the park, so it was less enjoyable because of the long walk we had to take to get there. When walking around Chicago, distance is everything. Of course, if you are trying to travel long distances, there is a subway system and the L, Chicago’s elevated train system that runs on tracks about 10 to 15 feet off of the street.

Chicago River
The Chicago River, the river that runs right through the city of Chicago and ends at Lake Michigan.

While in the city, I went to The Art Institute of Chicago and The Museum of Contemporary Photography, both great museums. For all travelers and would-be travelers, Chicago is a great city and definitely worth checking out.

Chicago Fun Facts:

  • The name “Chicago” comes from the local native american word “chicagoua” which is a native garlic-like plant.
  • In 1900, the Chicago River was very polluted, and all of the polluted water was running right into Lake Michigan, where Chicago gets its drinking water. The Sanitary District of Chicago decided to reverse the flow of the river, and in turn, saving Lake Michigan.

2 thoughts on ““The Distance” (Chicago)

  1. I enjoyed your blog, and would like to hear more… were the segways easy or tricky to use? Where did they go? Was it a guided trip, I assumed?

    1. The segways were very easy to use. There are no controls at all, its just about where you’re leaning and where your center of gravity is. It was a guided trip, because the place that we rented them only does segway tours. you can rent bikes, but you can only do a segway tour.

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