“The Return of the Great Adventure” (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Raiders of the Lost Ark


I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a bit. (It’s been six days.) Of course, it’s felt like a a few weeks to me, (I can’t bear to stay away from my little blog.) So, anyways, I was checking my stats, and thinking that my blog was looking sad, so I thought I would do another movie review to boost my blog stats (and my self esteem.) So my Mom was flipping through channels and she stopped at Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana Jones), a personal favorite of mine. I had an idea. A perfect movie review. Anyway, that was a lot of background, so lets get started.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is the first installment in the four part Indiana Jones series, and in the movie, Indiana Jones must find the fabled Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis, who want to abuse its power to enslave the globe. After enlisting the help of Sallah and Marion, two friends from his past, Jones launches a worldwide journey to find the Ark before the Nazis.

Indiana Jones Idol Scene
Indiana Jones, preparing to take an ancient golden idol from a forgotten temple.

Raiders is a very great movie, and I would recommend it to fans of action movies. I think that Raiders of the Lost Ark is the best of the four Indiana Jones movies, and I would call it a must-see for action fans. 9 out of 10. Great movie.

(I’ll have more to post when I go to Chicago with my family soon. I’ll have some pictures and other cool stuff for you when I get back.)


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