“Reach for the Popcorn” (Jack Reacher)

Jack Reacher


I saw Jack Reacher a while ago when it was in theaters, but I just re-watched it last night. Jack Reacher is a former army cop who retired two years before the movie takes place. (Jack Reacher follows the slightly adapted plot of the Jack Reacher novel “One Shot” by Lee Child) James Barr is a former army sniper who was previously tried for the murder of four men in Iraq, but not convicted. Now, James Barr has been convicted for the murder of five people (after firing six shots) in America. Of course, that’s not the end of it. Barr specifically asks for Reacher. Reacher begins investigating the case when Barr’s lawyer, Helen Rodin, hires him as a lead investigator. Theory’s are put to the test, people are punched in the face, and secrets are uncovered in Jack Reacher.

Jack Reacher (Side Image)
Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher.

A lot of people were disappointed in Jack Reacher as a movie. I could understand were they were coming from, and I didn’t disagree with them, but I also didn’t agree with them either. Jack Reacher was a good action movie, and it had a good adapted plot, but the producers really just made a good action movie, and not an outstanding movie. Jack Reacher wasn’t good, and it wasn’t bad, it just didn’t stand out. I would rate Jack Reacher at a 6.5 out of 10, and recommend it to fans of action movies, or to fans of Lee Child’s books.


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